Web Site Development

Give Search Engines and Visitors a reason to come back.

Your Web site is the key to the Internet community and the World Wide Web. The Web site we can create for you can contain text, graphics, animation, sound and even video. We can even implement an E-commerce web site complete with the latest security and encryption technology. With your business's web site, you can communicate and advertise in greater detail the products and services that you offer or use your site to invite Internet visitors to a special event or offer special pricing to Internet users encouraging them to try your business for the first time. San Diego Internet Marketing has teamed up with various graphic design firms to help unlock the potential of your on line business. Our goal is simple: Creating and maintaining your Web sites in a long term business relationship and making you a satisfied client.

The keys to a successful Web site are:

  • Proper Planning - Vital to streamlining the development and updating any web site. This can save valuable time as redesigns can be costly. This also speeds up the process and your site starts to work for you sooner. There are many great template web sites that you can get a head start and speed the design time of your web site.
  • Template Web Sites or Custom Designs - Custom sites can be more costly and can take weeks if not months to design and implement but offer individuality. Pre Designed templates are faster to implement but are not unique to your business. Click here to see web site templates. These sites can be customized to reflect your business. We have used many of these companies as a starting point for many of our clients.
  • Easy and Effective Navigation - the easier it is for visitors to navigate around your site the longer they will stay. And this is a proven fact!
  • Optimizing Graphics - Graphics can no doubt enhance the look of a Web site, but they can also be problem if the files are to big. This can increase download times and cause visitors to move on, if your site doesn't load fast enough. Your site needs to show up in less than 12 seconds or you will lose 30% of your potential visitors. We use the latest technology to increase your sites load time and enhance your visitors experience.
  • Upgrade Your Web site - Many small businesses place a Web site like they place a phonebook ad. Post it once and forget about it until it is time to renew the hosting contract. This doesn't encourage repeat visits from your customers and then the Web Site becomes just another page on the Internet waiting for someone to visit. By upgrading at least once a month you give customers a reason to come back and Search Engines will visit your site more often if they see that the web site is updated more often!
  • E-Commerce MIVA Carts - Your Web Site can make you money even while you sleep. E-commerce Web Sites allow your customers shop when they can't get to your business during normal hours. Plus your business can attract new customers from all over the world, customers who don't live in your local market. E-Commerce web sites will drive billions of dollars in online sales in the next 5 years. Don't you want a part of that revenue?

We'll work with you and your team to consult or build a site that reflects your individual business. Today the faster you get your business online and marketed the faster you open your business 24/7 since the Internet is always open and ready to attract buyers at all hours of the day or night.